Rawleigh's Aromatherapy

Infuse Your Mind, Body and Soul
Thousands of years ago the power of plant oils was discovered.  Since that time essential oils have become well known for their therapeutic properties.  Benefit from these amazing properties with Rawleigh’s Aromatherapy range …
Massage – using either Rawleigh’s Sweet Almond Carrier Oil or a carrier cream such as Rawleigh’s Aloe Vera Moisturising Cream to dilute one of the powerful essential oil blends …
  • massage areas of tension with Serenity
  • rebalance yourself with Harmony
  • prepare yourself for sleep with Slumber
  • spoil someone special with Passion
Bathe – soak your body and infuse your mind with the aromatherapy oil blend that fits.  Perfect in a relaxing foot bath.
Burner/diffuser – infuse your soul and those around you – at home or work – by adding a few drops to water in the top of your burner, or follow the directions on your diffuser.
Rawleigh’s Essential Oil Blends are:
  • 100% pure and natural
  • tested on a molecular level for purity
  • free from adulterants and synthetic additives which can cause adverse side effects
  • true to botanical species
  • screened for pesticides and herbicides
  • aromatherapy grade
  • free of synthetic fragrance enhancers
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